Teach Peace Moment: A Real-World Nuclear Disaster Case Study

Japan's nuclear disaster, like Chernobyl, will not end in our lifetime. Our genetic heritage determines the lives of our progeny, health and fate of future generations. The dark secret about nuclear disasters is man made radiation threaten the survival of future generations.

This Teach Peace Moment is a case study of the nuclear disaster that started in Japan on March 11, 2011. The deaths from this tragedy will take years to fully understand including how the radiation disaster has impeded the tsunami rescue operations. The radiation containment is far from complete and cleanup efforts will take years.

To help you understand why nuclear power is not presented honestly to the public, we offer critical thinking questions that can be applied to nuclear disasters as the same information suppressed now was suppressed in past nuclear disasters. What students of nuclear disasters find time and time again is when a nuclear disaster happens the radiation is not under control but the information about the radiation is under control.

To learn more about ionizing radiation quantities and units, watch the below video.


Ask yourself these basic questions?

a) Why are the actual radiation measurements from the Fukushima nuclear power facility not provided in real-time?

b) Why did the Japanese government forget until March 20th to distribute potassium iodide, tablets needed in the first 12 hours to be effective, to people living in the declared danger zone since March 11th?

c) Why did the Japanese authorities not inform the public to create emergency water supplies in the event the water became radioactive (e.g., by filling water containers at home before the radioactive plumes had reached cities like Tokyo)?

d) Why are Ann Coulter and other US pro-nuclear advocates teaching that radiation is of no immediate threat or even good for you?

e) Why are news reports downplaying the radioactivity being released by emphasizing the color of smoke (e.g., "black smoke" and "gray smoke") instead of publishing the radiation levels?

f) Why was Japan's official weather agency not publishing the radiation plume path and levels of radiation until April 4th?

g) Why does the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization keep the radioactive plume information showing the exact plumes over the United States confidential instead making this information available to the public?

h) Why is propaganda created in Japan to teach children radiation is like "bad gas" but "don't worry, the odor does not last that long?"

i) Why are organizations encouraging people to take precautionary measures such as buying potassium iodide, and careful to advise people to consult their doctor before using it, characterized by major news services as creating fear?

j) Why does the government spend billions on homeland security but routinely ignore the attractive terrorist target of a conventional bomb detonated at a nuclear power spent fuel pond?

k) How does the new war that started on March 19th, a war started so fast that even Congress was not consulted, help influence the public understanding of the nuclear disaster?

l) Did the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) suppress information that could help the public understand deaths from the Chernobyl fallout?

m) Why does Japan confirm sea water is "tainted" with nuclear radiation that has "seeped" into the Pacific on April 2nd instead of telling the truth that tons of water is poured on the reactors to prevent them from an explosive meltdown and tons of highly radioactive runoff and stream are being released into the environment?

n) Why did Japan fake the 9.0?

Answer key (Each of the answers raises questions that there may be a "coverup" by those with a financial conflict of interest. "There is no safe level of radionuclide exposure, whether from food, water or other sources. Period.” Physicians for Social Responsibility. The supporting links are below).

We recommend listening to Dr. Helen Caldicott, one of the world's leading nuclear experts for a deeper understanding of the answers.

a) Supporting link 

b) Supporting link 

c) Supporting link 

d) Supporting link 

e) Supporting link 

f) Supporting link (The closest to covering the radioactive plume was The New York Times which stopped the analysis on March 18th and left the reader with the "no immediate risk message." 

g) Supporting link 

h) Supporting link 

i) Supporting link

j) Supporting link

k) Supporting link

l) Supporting link

m) Supporting link

n) Supporting link

Be sure to note the WHO and IAEA agreed in 1959 that both organizations would have to be in agreement to release a report on the public health hazards of radiation exposure. Has this effectively shut down the WHO in protecting the public from the IAEA bias?

When a nuclear disaster happens is the first priority of nuclear officials information control or saving lives?

After more than three weeks of keeping important and literally life-saving radiation information classified, Japan announced on April 4th that fallout weather information will begin to be released. Unfortunately, potassium iodide needs to be taken within the first 12 hours of radioiodine exposure. As a direct result of Japan downplaying the deadly radiation releases, the European Commission for Radiation Risk (ECRR) estimate is 200,000 cancers likely, most in Japan, from Fukushima.

"Lower doses of radiation can cause abnormalities of the immune system and can also cause leukemia five to ten years after exposure; other cancers, twelve to sixty years later; and genetic diseases and congenital anomalies in future generations." Dr. Helen Caldicott

Disaster summary

On April 28th, responding to a shortage of nuclear workers, Japan announced it would scrap workers' annual radiation dose limits and radiation levels are at their highest level since the disaster began. Radioactive topsoil is now being removed from school grounds but with releases continuing this is more to "manage" public perceptions that the worst is over. The deadly radiation polluting the environment prompted 87 Japanese organizations on April 26th to call for a nuclear free society. Radiation exposures were reported as rising on April 23rd and releases from Japan are expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Click on the below image for more information from the University of Maryland. Unfortunately, the path across the US is no longer provided as it was in earlier plume charts. As a result, the radiation now appears to magically terminate just off the west coast. Even though thousands of tons of highly radioactive waste has been dumped in the Pacific and Japan has warned people not to eat fish, the EPA has announced it will not be testing fish because there is no radiation danger.

To obtain fallout measurements from Fukushima for where you live, click here.

In the below April 21st video, Epidemiologist Dr. Steven Wing discusses global radiation consequences with nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen.


For the first time, Tokyo Electric on April 21st released information on the six days of ocean dumping stating releases exceeded 20,000 times the legal limit. Japan needs to import food as radiation has polluted much of their food production. On April 20th, Tokyo Electric admitted spent fuel may be melting. Japan's government on April 18th released 2 of the over 2,000 radiation dispersal reports as "estimates" instead of actual "measurements."


At times during Japan's nuclear crisis many of the US government radiation sites have been offline or not working.  The below April 13th video by nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen provides an update and explains how information is being controlled. He concludes his video with the reminder that the Three Mile Island and Chernobyl disasters have not ended and will continue for many years.

Damage to the spent fuel pond was reported on April 13th and fish with high levels of radioactive cesium are now being caught by fisherman. After a month of covering up the true magnitude of the nuclear releases, Japan raised the Fukushima nuclear disaster to level 7. Level 7 is the highest level and puts this disaster on par with the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. The darker truth is with three partial reactor meltdowns, the present risk of one or more reactor explosions, and no end in sight for 2011, Fukushima may far exceed the radiation released from Chernobyl. Hironobu Unesaki, a professor at the Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute, said that a ''five- to 10-year span'' may be needed for the Fukushima situation to stabilize and measures to be implemented to stop radioactive releases.

Do you remember US nuclear officials and experts giving statements that the Fukushima disaster would not be as bad as Chernobyl? Do you remember seeing President Obama's Fukushima is not as bad as Chernobyl statements usually paired with his with no harmful radiation and even no fallout radiation would reach the US? Fukushima is different than Chernobyl, in that it is on track to be worse by contaminating the water table.  Already in the US, the Environmental Protection Agency has reported new radiation highs in Little Rock milk and Philadelphia drinking water. On a related note, it took over a week after a nuclear power plant radiation accident in Nebraska on April 3, 2011 for the US public to be notified.

Why did it take a full month for Japan and the US to finally declare the Fukushima disaster at level 7?

The answer can be found in why the Soviet Union tried to cover up Chernobyl. The lies of the Soviet government during the Chernobyl disaster was a major contributing factor to Soviet citizens waking up to see their government's bold-face deceptions and led to the fall of the Soviet empire.

The pro-nuclear media effort continues with carefully crafted statements downplaying the danger of both the Fukushima disaster and the bigger subject of nuclear power. Be careful not to be fooled by media statements that radionuclide exposure is safe even when it comes from a nuclear physicist, professor, or engineer. People with a hidden government pro-nuclear or nuclear industry agenda routinely include at least five of the below eight deceptions in their articles and reports. The experts to listen to are the medical professionals and nuclear scientists (e.g., Dr. Helen Caldicott and Dr. Rosalie Bertell) who do not promote the below deceptions.

1. Regardless as to how many times you see it reported by the media, President Obama, or anyone else, the scientific truth is there is no safe level of radionuclide exposure.

2. Pro-nuclear propagandist use the term physical "half-life" instead of "biological life" which is the time needed to eliminate the material from the body. When discussing half-life they side step the actual amount of time the radioactive element is still dangerous. Most often clever propagandist select radioactive iodine (I-131) which has a short half-life of 8 days and remains a serious concern for about 80 days. Exposure to I-131 can be offset with a potassium iodide which gives the false impression that radiation can be solved with a pill. When a nuclear reactor blows up, the entire periodic chart can be released into the atmosphere including much more lethal radionuclides than I-131.

In general, you need to multiply the half-life by 10 to begin to determine when the danger is no longer present. For example, for strontium 90 you multiply the half-life of 30 years by 10 to calculate it will be 300 years before the strontium 90 is not radioactive. The biological life of strontium 90 can be the lifetime of the individual as once it enters the body it can be incorporated into the bone. The genetic damage that can be passed to children is never even mentioned so the full impact of the 300 years, and over 240,000 years for elements such as plutonium, is buried.

An example of how 1 ton of strontium-90 disappears with the passage of time is below.

A table with the above information on strontium-90's decay is below:

Strontium 90 {Sr90}; half-life: 28.1 years



(Pounds, kilograms, grams, tons, etc.)









































A table showing cesium-137 with a half-life of approximately 30 years is below.

Time (in Years) Number of Half-lives Amount






















3. The words "no immediate danger" falsely convey "no danger" when in fact there is a long term danger which leading scientist have concluded is omnicide. Omnicide is human extinction as a result of human action and can also mean the death of everything.  Nuclear power is sold to the public as opening a future of life and prosperity when the truth is it is leading to the death of everything. The people in Japan that are now unable to ever live in their homes again, know first hand what the price for nuclear power. Unfortunately, the science of omnicide educates us that the price of nuclear bombs and nuclear power is only beginning to be paid.

In 1943 Hermann Müller received a Nobel Prize for his work on the genetic effects of radiation. In 1964 Müeller published 'Radiation and Heredity', respected then and now by medical/biological nuclear experts, explaining human produced ionising radiation leads to omnicide. Omnicide results from the man made radioactive elements scientifically proven to reduce the survival ability of the human species as several generations are damaged through exposures.

4. The actual radiation levels they report are lower than the Fukushima reports ranging from 10 to 7.5 million times limit. Government agents and people caring the water for the nuclear industry often start the downplay message with the fact that some radiation is natural. This is true but what they do not tell you is the calculations for background radiation include emissions from radioactive chemicals resulting from the nuclear fission process. For example, during the licensing process for a nuclear plant, the radiation from a second nuclear facility located on the same site is counted as background radiation as all radiation released becomes background radiation after one year.

5. Propagandist replace the word "disaster" with "event" and falsely stress no loss of life or a number killed that is fraction of the actual excess deaths from the radiation. The truth is Fukushima is a disaster and the loss of life from the radiation releases, especially with Japan's late distribution of potassium iodide, which is most needed in the first 12 hours of exposure, is already projected to produce 200,000 cancers (and note that Fukushima is expected to continue to release radiation for several months or longer).

6. These reports, as history has shown with William L. Laurence (see below for his work as a US intelligence agent for pro-nuclear interests including military atmosphere nuclear bomb tests), are sometimes written by people paid to provide false information. One quick way to see if a report explaining the basics of radioactivity and human exposure is credible is if it include the Chernobyl 985,000 excess deaths report published by The New York Academy of Science (one of the most respected scientific organizations in the world). The pro-nuclear is safe propaganda has to side step the facts and impress you with credentials such as "over 30 years of studying radiation/radioactive effects on humans" hoping you will be fooled. The real experts also with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Dr. Rosalie Bertell and many other professionals not owned by the nuclear industry, deserve to be heard.

7. The standards used to fool people into believing radionuclide exposures are safe were not created to define safe but to define the level at which the public would accept deaths and disabilities.

The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) defined in its 1959 report "a permissible genetic dose (to sperm and ovum), is that dose which if it were received yearly be each person from conception to the average age of childbearing (taken as 30 years), would result in an acceptable burden to the whole population.

This acceptable burden of increased still born, severely disabled, and genetic damaged to the children to be born by the surviving children, is what the "permissible dose" and "no immediate danger" really means.

8. The pro-nuclear propaganda is not just to increase nuclear power industry profits. The deeper reason is to manage public opinion about nuclear bomb arsenals and continued development. If the public became nuclear literate, the public would never allow even a single nuclear bombs to be built.

On April 10th, 17,500 people in Tokyo demanded an end to nuclear power. Fukushima workers are taken to the hospital with radiation sickness. The day before several TEPCO contractors refuse to accept the new higher "safe" radiation dose limit of 250 millisieverts. Russian television reported Fukushima is a nuclear time bomb. US Marines are conducting drills in the event of an even bigger Fukushima disaster. The Onagawa nuclear plant is reported, in addition to the Fukushima plant, to be releasing radiation. Radioactive material spread around the northern hemisphere in two weeks. Ocean water near Japan is 7.5 million times the legal limit. The government of Korea disagrees with Japan's "low level tainted water" and opposes this highly radioactive nuclear waste ocean dumping. Russia also appealed to Japan to stop dumping the highly radioactive waste into the ocean. On April 7th, a 7.4 magnitude earthquake resulted in Fukushima workers leaving the site. Nitrogen has been injected into a Fukushima reactor to prevent an explosion.

The below diagram from the AREVA report, explains why many of us noticed increased radiation plumes crossing the US about a week later and helps explains why in Pittsburg I-131 was at 25 times federal standards.

Yoichi Simatsu, the former editor of The Japan Times Weekly, published an article that the secrecy at Fukushima is to conceal Japan's nuclear bomb program instead of the reasons now offered by the government to protect the public from being scared. Evidence continues to confirm all the employees at Fukushima are under secrecy agreements as they are not allowed to speak about their radiation exposure. The nuclear bomb program claim puts President Obama's special military assistance and the HAARP program in a new light.

To "protect" the US public from months of continuous I-131 releases, the EPA is working to redefine exposure standards. To "protect"  Japan's public, a government taskforce is changing radiation release information. While schools in Japan remain open, the radioactive rain in South Korea caused some school closures.

 The  April 4th announcement that radiation weather information will begin to be released was followed by estimates instead of actual measurements. Click on the image below for additional resources including plume information.

Stay informed because history routinely teaches the truth is suppressed during nuclear disasters. The European Commission for Radiation Risk (ECRR) estimate is 200,000 cancers likely from Fukushima.

The Japanese government confirmed on April 3rd that radiation is reaching the high atmosphere and jet stream. Also for the first time, Japan's government has confirmed radiation will not be stopped for several months.

The below April 6th video by nuclear engineer Arnie Gunderson explains how information previously published by TEPCO is being changed which appears related to Japan's coverup taskforce.


The below April 3rd Gunderson video, explains a periodic chain reaction is occurring in Fukushima Unit 1. Gunderson's straight-forward assessment, far more detailed than what Japan is sharing with the press, helps explain why I-131 levels have spiked at times.


On April 2nd a crack in concrete connected to reactor 2 was identified as one source for radiation pouring into the environment. What Japan's nuclear officials are not telling the public is cold water poured on extremely hot materials, including the zirconium fuel rod cladding, creates cracks. The below videos, produced on March 31st, provide valuable background information.



In addition to the above videos by former nuclear industry senior vice-president Arnie Gundersen, be sure to watch the Battle of Chernobyl, listen to Dr. Helen Caldicott and watch the fascinating "low level radiation observations of Dr. David DeSante. Dr. Helen Caldicott explains how the damage done by Fukushima is a global disaster hurting people currently and for many generations with genetic mutations. A key lesson taught by Dr. Rosalie Bertell is the phase "NO IMMEDIATE DANGER" misleads people to conclude radiation leaking from a nuclear power plant is safe."

A snapshot of our disaster assessment on April 2, 2011

1. Reports of serious radiation in Japan continue on April 2nd and are expected to continue for weeks. Click here for several highly educational video updates by nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen. The international community is baffled that multiple independent organizations (e.g., Greenpeace which has found radiation sufficient for expanding the current evacuation zone) are dismissed. The only answer appears TEPCO and Japan's government are placing a higher value on a media message that things are stable than on protecting the Japanese people.

2. In Pittsburg I-131 at 25 times federal standards was reported. To access the federal standards click here. The Nuclear Physics Department at UC Berkeley reported on 3/26 a sharp increase on 3/23 of I-131 concentration from 6 Bq/L to 20 Bq/L but overall finds extremely low levels of I-131.

3. The United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency asked Japan to do a better job of monitoring radiation because radiation has been detected at higher levels and further away in Japan. Both Japan and the IAEA said the situation could get worse. The Japanese government is now at the highest state of alert level. The Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan's latest update is the situation remains unpredictable.
4. The US announced it is sending a special radiation control team to Japan. Japan radiation was reported as detected in US milk and no immediate danger but this may be a long term danger. Extremely low level radioactive iodine reports are across the country are routine and ignore or downplay cancer causing fallout elements including tritium. Teach Peace member Lauren Moret, and the person that accurately predicted this disaster in the 2004 Japan Times, observed "The problem now is that the drinking water in the western US is contaminated and a lot of tritium was coming out of Fukushima but not reported."
5. To try to reduce the radiation leaking into the atmosphere Japan is going to try something new which is spraying a glue like substance using an unmanned remote control vehicle.
6. Japan announced all 6 reactors at Fukushima will be decommissioned. Our assessment is the plan is to get the radiation levels polluting the environment reduced by spraying the glue mentioned in #5, making the 20 to 12 mile area around the plant uninhabitable beyond the lifetime of many of the previous inhabitants, and over the course of at least a month constructing multiple concrete containment shells. This means radiation will be leaking out for certain for the next few weeks and probably longer.

7. Sea levels of radiation off the coast of Japan remain extremely high. On April 5th, Japan's ocean radiation hits 7.5 million times legal limit.

8. The credibility of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) was criticized for "over estimating rating levels" which is part of the public and media management campaign. Here is the truth about TEPCO.

a) The president of TEPCO instructed his subordinates to lie to the Japanese public on March 11th (this begins with the first press release on March 11th at 11 pm local time in Japan online at http://www.tepco.co.jp/en/press/corp-com/release/11031107-e.html. The effort to deceive the public is bigger than TEPCO and including Japan's Meteorological Agency suppressing radiation fallout information. Note no radiation leaking reported in this report with the problem being "a temporary small fire occurred at a service building in Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station. However, it was extinguished at 4:07 pm today." The TEPCO press release said "Survey data on radiation by exhaust stack monitors and monitoring cars has indicated no departure from normal levels for all nuclear power stations."

Fukushima's mayor is repeatedly lied to. On March 12th at 3 am, radiation venting is announced.  The 12 hour window for nearby residents to obtain the full benefits of potassium iodide is slipping away and is guaranteed to lead to thousands of deaths and many more battles with life-threatening cancers.

At 3:36 pm there is a large explosion at unit 1 of the Fukushima Daiichi plant and Minamisoma's mayor Katsunobu Sakarai is told by officials no explosion has occurred. He is told not to evacuate nearby residents because reports of an explosion are false rumors and there was "no immediate danger." To see his statement of how he was lied to and the 71,000 people in his city were left to die, click here.

b) The president of TEPCO checked into a hospital on March 13th creating leadership uncertainty and furthering the disruption of information flow.

c) Potassium iodide needs to be taken within the first 12 hours of exposure and TEPCO knew this but intentionally opted for a better media message and withheld informing people the pills were needed for more than a week.

d) TEPCO and Japan's government rated the disaster as a level 4 and held to this position for over a week when it was clearly at least a level 6 disaster.

e) Gray smoke and black smoke were reported by TEPCO instead of the more accurate "leaks of radiation and the specific level of radioactive elements."

f) TEPCO knew plutonium had escaped into the environment as early March 13 but withheld reporting it until March 30th.

g) From the beginning TEPCO has suppressed providing accurate radiation measurements and has been assisted by the United Nations and US government which are not publishing radiation by type and level of intensity plume information.

h) Reports that no radiation would reach the US, would never be as bad a Three Mile Island, would ridiculous to compare to Chernobyl, and even "increased radiation is good for you" flood the US media. To set the record straight, radiation did reach the US. The word "no" is now changed to "no immediate health threat." The truth is no radionuclide exposure is "safe" and is a long-term human health threat. The disaster early on surpassed Three Mile Island, is still far from over, and may leak lethal levels of radiation far longer than Chernobyl.

i) A full meltdown of one reactor core is now far more likely than the status being reported by TEPCO. Given TEPCO's proven track record of lying, the media stories for the first 10 days of the disaster of a partial meltdown increasingly under control is more likely a full meltdown at one or more reactors and never even close to being control. The official story as of April 1st is still a partial meltdown and the situation is dire and not predictable.

k) The US media is routinely reporting trace radioactive iodine-131 from Japan in the milk and water is "no immediate health threat" ignoring the "long-term threat" and trace elements from other radioactive elements are a proven health threat (e.g., plutonium, tritium, etc.). Dr. Helen Caldicott  has published how one millionth of gram of plutonium can be a lethal dose. To see a video by a nuclear engineer explaining one millionth of a gram of plutonium can be lethal, click here.

l) The US media downplays the danger of the nuclear health threat by regularly noting Iodine-131 has "a half-life of about eight days and fades quickly" instead of telling them when the iodine is no longer radioactive. For example, Caesium-137 has a half-life of 30 years but this means it takes about 300 years for it to be safe. Plutonium-239 has a half-life of 24,100 years so it is realistically never safe.

m) TEPCO and governments have consistently provided lower resolution photos instead of high resolution pictures as part of the effort to manage the message. TEPCO could have set up a streaming video showing the actual radiation levels a ground zero, 1 mile, 10 miles, 20 miles and greater distance along with real-time video of the Fukushima reactors.

n) Sad but true, if TEPCO, the Japanese government, IAEA, WHO, or UN provided the people with the information that Teach Peace provided from the very beginning of this disaster, many people in Japan would have been saved. In addition, if the government acted on Leuren Moret's 2004 accurate prediction of this disaster in the Japan Times, the entire nuclear disaster would have been prevented.

The Battle of Chernobyl documentary is a powerful resource for educating people about how radiation information is suppressed. We recommend clicking here to watch the video about the recent report that Chernobyl's "no immediate health threat" resulted in long-term deaths in excess of 985,000 people. 

Teach Peace Foundation summary:

The disaster is not under control but the information about the disaster is under control. Geiger counters do not lie, unfortunately nuclear and government officials do. The Tokyo Electric Power Company and Japan's government has withheld important information and downplaying radiation dangers resulting in preventable exposures. Radiation leaks in Japan are "news managed" instead of "crisis managed" and the true impact both in Japan and to the global environment is horrendous. The radiation will leak for a long time, the situation has yet to stabilize, and people will be working to solve the Fukushima disaster for many years. Sadly, many Japanese will never be able to return to their homes and hundreds of thousands will suffer from cancer due to the radiation already released.

The below is from our September 2007 newsletter and is a specific example why you cannot trust major newspapers or television reports

Granddaddy of Embedded Reporters

US intelligence has embedded agents as journalists for decades. 
A historical example is the famous reporter William L. Laurence. He was a US 
intelligence officer until he retired in 1964. Beverly Deepe Keever documents his
secret role in her book News Zero: The New York Times and The Bomb.  
Laurence, a science reporter for The New York Times, was selected to help 
“sell the atomic bomb" to the American people. He was selected by the Manhattan
Project's head, General Leslie Groves to work at The New York Times.
Why would The New York Times comply? 
As today, they were compensated with access to top officials and "breaking 
stories." One of Laurence’s early assignments was to report a "jumbo detonation 
of an ammunition magazine filled with high explosives at the 2000-square mile 
Alamogordo Air Base." His report helped cover-up the Trinity site explosion of 
the world’s first atomic bomb. 
William Laurence worked undercover for decades. He helped dismiss reports 
from around the world about the "black death" in Japan. Even today many 
Americans do not know that people suffered and died long after the initial blast. 
His efforts also helped conceal valid claims of US “atomic soldiers” and win 
public support for the production of over 70,000 nuclear weapons at a cost of over 
5 trillion dollars. In this sense, Laurence was part of one of the greatest thefts 
in history.
A more recent example of outright government lying is September 11, 2001,
multiple government agencies and major media outlets reported the air near 
ground zero in New York City was "safe to breathe." As a direct result of the
suppressed truth, many people were unnecessarily exposed. Click here to read
about Joe Picurro who died in October from lung cancer because the 
government lied. The excess deaths from 9/11 fume exposures needs further
analysis but one study found the number approaching 1,000 people.
One of the many modern day versions of William Laurence is Ann Coulter. Click here
to see her report on FOX why "radiation exposure is good for you" or read her
March 16, 2011 report. It is also noteworthy that the only major media radiation
plume report came from The New York Times. The initial plume has low radiation
and due to the report, it misleads the public to believe subsequent releases
are also guaranteed to be of no concern when the possibility of dangerous plumes

A series of highly educational videos from a nuclear engineer and senior executive Arnie Gundersen, is available by clicking here. As of April 5th, there are large amounts of radioactive pollution released daily at Fukushima from the 50 to 200 tons of water being used to cool the reactors.

April 4-10 Plume Information


March 22-28 Plume information (for the most current information, click here).

Click here or on the below image to access alternate plume sources.

In 2004, Teach Peace's Leuren Moret correctly predicted Japan's nuclear disaster in her The Japan Times article, "Japan's deadly game of nuclear roulette." She wrote: "Of all the places in all the world no one in their right mind would build scores of nuclear power plants, Japan would be pretty near the top of the list...Japan sits on top of four tectonic plates....and is one of the most tectonically active regions of the world. There is almost no geologic setting in the world more dangerous for nuclear power than Japan."

Below is a fascinating video of Dr. David DeSante and his work associating the low level fallout from the Chernobyl disaster on bird populations in the United States.


To understand what is happening in Japan, we recommend the following reports.

1. Breaking news

2. Plume information from EURAD

3. Chernobyl Radiation Killed Nearly One Million People

4. German affiliate of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War report on the health effects of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

5. Three types of radiation, nuclear officials flip-flop: Few know what to believe anymore, the 10 million times norm report and here for the reversal.  

6. America's radiation monitoring is not working properly and click here

7. Physicians for Social Responsibility - No safe level of radionuclide exposure

8. No dose of radiation is a "safe" dose by National Academy of Sciences panel

9. Scientific American Low-Dose Radiation Risks Unknown

10. Confessions of a nuclear engineer seeking to prevent a Japanese Chernobyl

11. Radiation plume charts by date and click here for the English interpretation

12. Environmental Protection Agency update

13. Infant radiation dose over 30 km from plant may be over 100 millisieverts

14. What is a millisievert explained and test your radiation knowledge.

15. Scientific American how weather can link radiation to the US

16. Green Peace radiation briefing

17. Radioactive iodine 146.9 times higher in seawater near nuke plant

18. Neutron Beam

19. Russia reports Japanese workers attempting to prevent a meltdown are being forced and are not volunteers (see 1 minute and 29 seconds in the video on this page)

20. Japan's deadly game of nuclear roulette

21. Massachusetts Officials: Radiation from Japan in Rainwater

22. Radiation reports from the UC Berkeley Department of Nuclear Engineering

23. Evacuation zone must be expanded report by Greenpeace

24. Joe Cirincione - Japan's radiation could spread to U.S.

25. Japan rejects Greenpeace argument for expanding evacuation zone (leaving approximately 130,000 people exposed)

26. Weather agency ordered to reveal data on projected radiation spread

27. Tokyo Electric shares hit record low

28. Immeasurable levels of radiation reported at Fukushima plant

29. Japan to raise nuke accident severity level to highest 7 from 5

30. Fukushima disaster rated at highest level, same as Chernobyl

31. Epidemiologist Steve Wing discusses increases in cancer rates after the Three Mile Island Accident

32. The propaganda of "No immediate radiation danger"

33. Link TV broadcasts the truth about low level radiation with the documentary Paul Jacobs and the Nuclear Gang


For current plume maps, click here.

Do Governments Lie About Radiation? The Granddaddy of Embedded Reporters

US intelligence has embedded agents as journalists for decades. A historical example is the famous reporter William L. Laurence. He was a US intelligence officer until he retired in 1964. Beverly Deepe Keever documents his role to downplay radiation dangers in her book News Zero: The New York Times and The Bomb.

Laurence, a science reporter for The New York Times, was selected to help “sell the atomic bomb" to the American people. He was selected by the Manhattan Project's head, General Leslie Groves to work at The New York Times.

Why would The New York Times comply?

As today, they were compensated with access to top officials and "breaking stories." One of Laurence’s early assignments was to report a "jumbo detonation of an ammunition magazine filled with high explosives at the 2000-square mile Alamogordo Air Base." His report helped cover-up the Trinity site explosion of the world’s first atomic bomb.

William Laurence worked undercover for decades. He helped dismiss reports from around the world about the "black death" following the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. Even today many Americans do not know that people suffered and died long after the initial blast. His efforts also helped conceal valid claims of US “atomic soldiers” and win public support for the production of over 70,000 nuclear weapons at a cost of over 5 trillion dollars. In this sense, Laurence was part of one of the greatest thefts in history.

A more recent example of outright government lying is September 11, 2001, multiple government agencies and major media outlets reported the air near ground zero in New York City was "safe to breathe." As a direct result of the suppressed truth, many people were unnecessarily exposed toxic fumes. Click here to read about Joe Picurro who died in October from lung cancer because of this government deception.

One of the many modern day versions of William Laurence is Ann Coulter. Click here to see her report on FOX why "radiation exposure is good for you" or read her March 16, 2011 report. It is also noteworthy that the only major media radiation plume report came from The New York Times. Due to this report "no immediate danger" report it leads the public to believe subsequent releases are no concern when the possibility of dangerous plumes exists.

Reviewing the Teach Peace March newsletter is recommended as it addressed issues ranging from the radiation jet stream considerations to potassium iodide.

Click here for radiation basics and to test your knowledge.

Dose measurements and examples

One sievert equals 100 rem. The below table shows conversions for rem, millirem, sievert, millisievert and microsievert.

mrem = millirem         Sv = sievert         mSv = millisievert        μSv = microsievert


  • 1 rem = 0.01 Sv = 10 mSv

  • 1 mrem = 0.00001 Sv = 0.01 mSv = 10 μSv
  • 1 Sv = 100 rem = 100,000 mrem (or millirem)
  • 1 mSv = 100 mrem = 0.1 rem
  • 1 μSv = 0.1 mrem = 0.0001 rem

Not all radiation exposure is the same and there is no "safe" level for radiation. There is a big difference between no immediate danger and safe. An extremely small amount of plutonium that enters your body can be a lethal dose. Radiation that is leaked by man-made sources is counted as background radiation after 1 year. With these important disclaimers, the below chart is provided.

Immediate Radiation Danger Chart

To better understand the above radiation, click here and watch the below video.


Single dose examples:

Dental radiography = .005 mSv

Mammogram = 3 mSv

International Commission on Radiological Protection volunteer limit = 500 mSv

Hourly dose examples:

Average background radiation for Americans = 0.00034mSv/h

A report from the Fukushima accident = 1000mSv/h

Yearly dose examples:

Cosmic radiation = 0.24mSv/year

Ground radiation (terrestrial) = .28 mSv/year

Total average radiation dose for Americans: 6.2 mSv/year

Level of artificial radiation that is "safe" (elements produced by nuclear power) and often misleading confused with natural radiation = 0 mSv/year

Pro-nuclear power advocates

Below are organizations that are pro-nuclear advocates.

Nuclear Energy Institute: The NEI is the trade association of the United States nuclear industry and offers press releases and industry position statements.

Nukeworker.com: Nukeworker.com is a resource for people in the nuclear industry offering limited current news updates.

Radiation, Science, and Health, Inc.: A non-profit organization of pro-nuclear scientists and engineers dedicated to downplaying the health effects of radiation.

The Answer: The official site for the American Nuclear Society.

The Nuclear Virtual Tourist: This site is produced by a person who has studied more than 20 nuclear power plants around the world.  

The World Nuclear Association: A non-governmental global organization providing information on economic and political issues affecting nuclear energy.

Uranium Information Center: This site from Australia, where uranium is mined, promotes the nuclear energy industry.

World Atom: Official Site of the International Atomic Energy Administration.

World Nuclear University: The World Nuclear University seeks to strengthen the international community of people and institutions interested in increasing nuclear power use.

The Teach Peace Foundation position on nuclear power is it is uneconomical, pollutes the environment for thousands of years, there no safe level of radionuclide exposure, leads to omnicide, and both nuclear power and nuclear weapons must be international banned.

Nuclear Power Facilitates Bomb Making (a brief review of all nuclear bombs exploded since 1945)


Preventing omnicide is possible when we become nuclear literate.

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