Teach Peace Foundation Award Winners


Since our inception as a non-profit we have recognized people who have made special

contributions as peacemakers.


Winners routinely include individuals delivering acts of kindness, whistle-blowers, journalists, and people working to help children.


Nominations for 2017 are being accepted from members. Click here for the nomination guidelines, here to see an example of our awards, and here to become a member.  



The 2016 winners are Dr. Kelly Bowring, Clement Chiang, Frieda Chiang, Fr. Nicholas Gruner, Cardinal Rodriguez and Victor Wilson.





The 2015 winners are Fr. Jim Anderson, Dr. Rosalie Turton, Kathy Kelly, John Salza, and Sister Agnes Sasagawa.





The 2014 winners are Stephanie F. Abundo, Stanley Maticka, Raymond McGovern,

Howard G. Mendoabor, Moses Quiah, and Samuel Ford Tabolo.




The 2013 winners are Machiko Conway, Dave Gahary, Mark Graham, Steve Hayes,

Joe Sehnert, Miyo Uchida and Donna Turchi.




The 2012 international winners are Dolley Gurley, John Lackay, Martha Karnuah,

Helena Gonyon, Harris Mulbah, and Augustine Nufea.


Kevin Rockensies, shown above, presented awards to Dolley Gurley, John Lackay, and

Martha Karnuah for their work to help the disabled live with dignity. Joanie Fabiano,

shown below, presented awards to Helena Gonyon, Harris Mulbah, and Augustine Nufea.




The 2012 American winners Bob Bowman - Peacemaker, John and Sue Dewan - Lifetime

Peacemakers, Mikey Leonard - Student Excellence, Jeannie and Ed Martin - International

Peacemakers, and Fritz Springmeier - Courageous Peacemaker and Author.


Click here to see awards winners before 2012.


For more information, please contact us at contact@teachpeace.com.