Acts of Kindness Jar


What is it?

An Acts of Kindness Jar is a fun activity to teach kindness and encourage positive behaviors. Each time a child does something nice, a piece of paper can be entered in the jar describing the date and time plus the act of kindness. Each piece of paper is one point. Children can also receive points when their parents or siblings observe a kind act and as a result enter a piece of paper as part of this program.




How do you make it?

Start with a jar that allows you to put your hand in it. Then use construction paper and images cutout from magazines to personalize it. You may want to write "Acts of Kindness" jar and attach this to the container.


What are the rules?

The child receives one point for each act of kindness. Parents may want to establish rules such as ten points enables the child to see a movie or go to a favorite place.


The Teach Peace Foundation will send a gift to children who have reached 500 points. To notify us your child has reached 500 points, send your mailing address to:


Teach Peace Foundation

539 J Street

Davis, CA 95616


If you have questions, please call 530-554-7061 or send an email to