We are a leader in providing education about the New World Order and the Fatima 21st century peace solution for Christians and non-Christians.


To reach peace, we teach peace.


The best way to teach peace is with the truth and acts of kindness. An example of the education that we offer is The Secret of Nagasaki documentary which is based on the book, Atomic Bomb Secrets.



The direct connection between Akita and Fatima are explained in the above Akita is the Fatima Secret documentary..

For decades, the Catholic Church authenticated supernatural events in Akita, Japan have been suppressed to the point that often people have never heard of the greatest miracles in our lifetime.

Sister Agnes Sasagawa said this documentary communicates what she has wanted people to know for a very long time.


One of the Ten Commandments is to dedicate one day each week, the Sabbath, to prayer and learning about God. God knew long before we were born that people would be destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). When you realize how massive Satan's deception is to lead souls away from Jesus, you can better appreciate why dedicated study is required to be a Vigilant Christian.


To learn more, the books Atomic Bomb Secrets and Defeating the Brotherhood of Death

are recommended.

To view the Japanese version of this documentary, click here.


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